Thursday, 1 April 2010

April is here

I just love the month of April, it really feels like the winter is behind us (even if there is a gale blowing outside!!) the daffodils are all out and its lighter and I am sure the sun will start to appear a bit more soon!!!! I really should try and make some daffodil beads!!!!

I have had a bit of a busy week what with work and the girls etc. Elle did a dance show on Tuesday night and she was really good, it was really good show and I have not stopped singing Day Dream in blue by the I monsters - totally fab song!! here is the link to the song if you fancy a listen

I have also been pretty busy in my shed GBUK have a competition that I want to enter so I have been trying out loads of diff ideas!! And I have now finished the beads for my entry and I am really pleased with them. (can't show you piccies as not sure allowed re comp rules etc).

I have been making lots of pigs for my web and will also be for a donating 6 of them for the Flame Off Auction, along with a voucher from the bead shed to help try and raise money for Air Ambulance.

I have a busy easter planned and hope to fit in a bit of beading too!!!! HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX