Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday Already

Well this week has flown by, the farm has been really busy and our girls have been as ever demanding as usual!!! I have also took up swimming this week as after last weekend away decided that I was becoming unfit, so it's up at 6.00 three times a week and swim before work!!

Its so nice to be able to catch some torch time today and have a good walk with Madgey!! although it was cold the sun was out and it was really nice and bright.
Here are some beads that I have made this week

I also have some new beads cooking so hopefully more to show soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
happy weekend everyone.

Monday, 25 January 2010

What a Fantastic Weekend

Hi everyone, well we had a fantastic time in Edinburgh, what a great city and it was great fun being a tourist!!! We saw the Royal Brittania, Palace Holyrood and the Castle and we went on a couple of sightseeing bus tours.
Here are some pictures taken on the Royal Brittania and One of Edinburgh Castle.
Whilst I was away I took some of my beadies too and when Jason was chilling in the hotel i made some Jewellery too plus I managed to check out a couple of bead shops too!!!
Getting home yesterday was a bit of a come down work was really busy cause I had been away and I had loads of stuff to do for Lala Lampwork, just about getting caught up now though, so off to clean some beads and then go for a swim!! (yes I am getting fat so having to do something about it!!!)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow snow go away!!!

Well I think perhaps most of us are fed up with all this white stuff now, been hanging around a bit to long for my liking and just when you think thats the last of it, we get another covering!!! Above are a couple pictures of the road I have to take down to the farm, nice and slippery and foggy too!!! I suppose its quite pretty in a way but very dark!!

The farm has been really busy this week and I am finding it really hard to get some shed time, I did manage an early morning yesterday where I made these -

And then when I got so cold at work and could not face my cold shed I played with my beads and made these

I am really hoping for some glass time tonight!!! not that I am obsessed or anything!!!!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Fab weekend

My girls were busy with their own stuff and weather was horrible so I took the opportunity to have a totally selfish weekend and spent most of it making in my shed, above are some of my creations!!

I did take Madgy out though with my daughter, had lovely walk its always so pretty when the sun is out and its all white.

Scatty and Tatty continued to be missing all weekend and then today they were waiting outside my office, I am so relieved they are ok

All in all I am feeling good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Just sooo cold!!!!!!!!!

I am so cold have had to come the office today and all the pipes are frozen and there is no water!!!! , just had another little sprinkle of snow above is a piccy outside my office.

Little Scatty and Tatty have gone missing, which is such a shame I have left food down for them and the heater on but now not seen them for two days!! I really hope they come back as I love them.

I got a fantastic delivery of handmade murini from Jo at Kitzbitzglass and cannot wait to get home from work to get making, they are fantastic, so if you read this Jo thank you and little spot loved the packaging too!! Here he is!! my cute baby just loves boxes!!

I have been making loads of beads for a giveaway I am doing on bead buddies but have managed some others too

Hope you all keeping warm and happy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year Everyone

Well I am up first and everyone else is sleeping away, even Madgy is chillin in her bed this morning. We had a quite night in watched a film and kids played with the pop corn machine!! I feel asleep before the new year after drinking too much fizzy wine!! Typical hey!!!

Its a really lovely morning and sun is streaming in the window by my desk, gives me a good feeling about the New Year, hope we all have a great one and nothing too nasty happens this year, I always feel a bit scared at what might be ahead!! I know thats the wrong way to look at things so will try and be postive and look on the bright side more.

above is the sunshine, gosh my windows need cleaning!!! lol

I have really been enjoying the time off work and making as many beads as I can, even found the time to do some etching, which I have not really tried before, was not sure about etching before but now quite like it.

My girls are off to London today with their Dad to see Lion King, so hubby and me are gonna chill and enjoy a bit of peace.

Happy new year to you all