Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mid Week and Feeling off

Firstly don't laugh but here is a mad creation I made, not sure what I was thinking really but its done!!!! We are all allowed our little mistakes!!

Well its Wednesday already and I feel a bit off today!!! I have been dieting and think I might have eaten too much riveta!!!! lol Maybe I need chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a lovely weekend caught up with my little sis and her lovely family, little Megan is growing up fast and so comical now. I also met my daughters new boyfriend, this is a new experience for me,first time one of my girls has officially got a boyfriend and introduced them!! I think they are dead scared I will scare them off!!!! LOL!!!

So I have been extremally addicted to making impolosion beads and these are my lastest

I made this bracelet just for me and since wearing someone at work has asked me to make a bracelet in the same line but diff colours for their wife, so chuffed with that

Oh and my Mum has asked for red necklaces so made these, but won't know what she thinks of them until the next time we catch up. My Mum is my number one fan of my Jewellery!! lol

So last night I planned to make more beads but I had one of those days when whatever I tried to make just turned to pooh!! so having a day off the shed today, might get some seedies out tonight will see how I feel.

The only other thing I have to tell you is that I have now popped some beads on sale on my webby to try and make way for new beads to get to the link just click on sale.

hope you all having a good week and enjoying the sunshine peeking through xxxx

Monday, 14 March 2011

Really Chilled out this weekend

Well I have just had a lovely relaxing calm weekend for a change, no teenage troubles and quite a bit of time to myself!! The sun even shone now and then!!

so here was my first attempt!!

Then I tried with green aventurine and it sort of did not work but I still quite like them!!

And these are my latest try, I think I am getting there now!! lol

I cant wait to try and make some more now, but running out of clear glass and no money till pay day!!

Oh and shhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I finished my peice for the gbuk competition which is safley hidden away ready to post!! yay

I have also nearly finished something else I have been making but its a bit mad really!! I will hopefully finish it tonight then show lol.

Oh and having a great time at the moment on the bead buddies forum, with swapsies, got this amazing beaded bracelet in the post today I loves it!!

Hope you all happy and smiling


Friday, 11 March 2011

I can be soooo stupid its unbelieveable really!!

Hi everyone, well what can I say I am a total idiot, I had to withdraw my entry for the GBUK because i am thick and did not read the rules properly and showed the cuff!! I was sooo annoyed with myself and it has really taught me a lesson to slow down and read things, instead of rushing in!! Luckily they have extended the entry date and I now have time to try and submit a totally new peice secretly this time!!!!

Above is my Mad Spot!!! lol

Anyway I have also decided to slow things down a bit, taking time to enjoy my beads rather than actively trying to sell, so I have put my Misi, Etsy, Folksey and Ebay all on hold and I am only going to concentrate on my website from now on, when I have the time. I mean I have a job and the girls, pets and Hubby to look after and feel like I have been overdoing things a bit.

Sooo to cheer myself up I had a bit of an internet shop and bought lots of lovely glass pearl beads and with all the beads now not listed I have been eyeing up ideas to make some jewellery just for fun!!

so far have made these beads
into this necklace

And with this necklace too

I plan to get some shed time at the weekend and want to try the tut in Beads and Beyond magazine that Sally Carver has done, I never have been able to master round implusion beads, so wish me luck!!!!

Happy weekend to you all xxxx

Friday, 4 March 2011

Teenagers are driving me mad!!!!

Well all I can say is that I am glad it is Friday!!! as you may know we have four teenage girls between Jason and me (two each), aged 14, 15, 16 and 18 and I am not sure if it is me but my god its hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I gave my Mum hell at that age and maybe I deserve all the hassle they bring and I do love them all its just hard sometimes. I get so frustrated when I don't get much shed time.

Anyway apart from running around after all them and doing boring things like working!!! I have managed to to finish a cuff I have been making for the GBUK Jewellery competition.

And this morning I founds some off my odd beads and made this bracelet, I teamed them with some Rock Crystal beads that I just love.

I did make some focal beads last weekend and I have loads of ideas for some more beads I want to make so planning a shed day tomorrow YAy xxxxxxxxxxxxx