Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sorry been ages!!

I am sooo sorry I have not updated my blog for ages!!!! Loads has been going on and I still don't seem to have caught up since my hols!! Sadly I did not make it to Cyprus due to the Ash cancelling our flights but we did have a few days relaxing in Norfolk which was lovely.

Here is Madgy and me on the beach!! We had some great weather and it was really relaxing and hubby spoiled me on my birthday by treating me to loads of new clothes.

I have been pretty busy with my beads and at the moment I am totally loving making encased flower beads and I hope to get better and better at them!!

I have just finished this bracelet which I was doing as part of a swap on Frit Happens

At the moment I am concentrating on building my stock levels so trying to grap every minute I have bead making, but as you are all probably aware kids and work etc to tend to get in the way a bit!! Still I do love all my family xxxxxxxxxxx