Saturday, 28 November 2009

Saturday at last!!

Well Saturday is here and I plan to really chill this weekend!! just dyed my hair to get rid of those sneaky greys! (oh and my face arms and most of the bathroom!!!) Then this afternoon I am taking the Mazda out and going to see a friend, I have not driven it for months so I am really looking forward to it!!

Spot went to the vets last night for his kitten check, bless him I felt so guilty as had him chipped and his first lot of injections and he made such a fuss and then shook afterwards. He seems quite happy today though so I think the ordeal is all forgotten!!! Here is laying on my T shirt that has just come out the tumble dryer and was all warm!!!! cats do love their comfort!!!
In the week I have been pretty busy in the evenings making quite a few beadies, I am really into making dusted beads at the mo is are some examples

There are more examples on my webby with other colours. I am hoping to get beading this evening as have loads of ideas at the min and also must get on with my secret santa for bead buddies.

Hope you all have fab weekend


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sun is out today!!

Well at least we have some sunshine for a change!!! still a bit windy but much better today.

I have been keeping busy and feeling pretty good at the moment, I don't really try to sell my jewellery very much, never been very good at all that sales stuff, but as its getting near Xmas and lots of my friends have asked to see my stuff I decided to get a bit organised. So I have got some necklace display thingy's and a big basket and arranged all my jewellery in it so friends and family can have a look through. I was so suprised when my Mother in law took the basket to show some of her friends and then sold over £100 pounds, which is just fantastic I am well chuffed.

I only had a bit of shed time Tuesday night and tried making shells!! here is a couple that came out quite well!!

And I am still making fun xmas beads to pop in with orders of my website(sorry they are on there side I really don't know what I have done, but its quite funny!!!

I plan a mamouth making session tonight providing the kiddies let me!! I have loads of new frits delivered today and can't wait to have a play!!

Oh and not forgetting the update on little Spot, everyone of the family has fell in love with him, he is so sweet natured and even sat with Jason watching the footie all evening, so the males in the house have bonded!!! he he

here he is helping me unpack a delivery!!!
Cute hey!!!


Monday, 23 November 2009


Well I had a lovely weekend, did not do much as was settling in little Spot and I think he is quite happy. He met Lucy and Ru my other cats and they seem to sort of accepted him and Madgy just wants to follow him everywhere. Spot is very different from any other cat I have ever had, he is so affectionate and cuddly, its amazing.

I managed to raise enough money from selling my beads on ebay to pay for him and I want to thank all my customers for the support, it means a lot to me.

I have managed a little shed time over the weekend and made some lentils and a few more frit beads for ebay here are some piccies

I am hoping for some shed time later today but will have to see how much little Spot needs me first. Hope you all not too down with this terrible weather.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

One more Sleep

Just one more night and it will be Friday and this Friday is Spot day!!! wooo weee

Last night after work I sorted all my posting out and then went straight in my shed and made these

I was up early this morning, my daughter has non bullying day at school today and so no school uniform so she was up early getting all dressed up!!! Teenagers do so monopolise the bathroom!!

We have mad evening with all girls stopping tonight, hopefully a visit to my sis and her new baby oh and I want to go to the pet shop to stock up on supplies.

Have good day

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

2 Sleeps to go!

I woke up this morning and thought it was Thursday and then was really disappointed that its still only wednesday!! I know you should not wish you life away but I really can't wait to get little spot!!

Last night I had a play around with some coloured tubing stuff I bought from newmarket bead fair and made these bracelets, my favourite one is the green and white one.

I came into work early today as we are having problems with our Mazda so Hubby needs the car at 14.30, so hoping when I finish work to get some more torch time before Elle gets home from School.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

3 Sleeps to Go

Well I am really excited only 3 sleeps and then I get my new kitten, I have really felt so so fed up since loosing my little Erik and I know that the new kitten will never replace him but at least I will have something to shower with my love.

Here is a piccy of Spot, he is the one at the front of the pic. I had a job getting a decent piccy of him cause he kept rubbing me!!! He is a ragdoll and he is really really cute, I am so gonna spoil him.

I have been really busy trying to raise the cash for him as the condition that he come live with me was that I pay for him so I have have been in my shed non stop making beads and then listing them on ebay, and fingers crossed so far its looking really good.

Down on the farm we have been dead busy too just finished our end of year budget and now we have the Auditors to deal with!!! not my favourite time of the year I can tell you. Tatty and Scatty the two black cats that turned up on the farm have really settled in, all the men really seem to like them too and I think they are really being quite spoilt. Here they are chatting with Madgy!!! and for those of you who knew Erik you can see why I think they may be brothers!!!

Arn't they so sweet!!!

The only other thing I have done of interest was pop to the Newmarket bead show on Sunday, met some lovely people and did a bit of shopping but was very good, as I did not want to blow my kitty fund!!! If I get a chance I will see if I can make something with my finds tonight.

Right I am off to clean some more beads, have good evening everyone