Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wow so much has happened since my last blog!!

I have just been reading my last blog and wow so much has happened since then,  we moved house in April and now are happily settling down to life in Deeping St James, Lincolnshire. I love my new house and new workshop, I have a lot more room to work in and store all my beady bits without cluttering up the house. 

Its also much quieter we use to live on a very busy road and now we have fields all behind us its so much more peaceful. This is the view from our bedroom window.
The only downsides so far are the journey to work on the farm, it takes about half an hour where before it was a 3 minute drive and the internet is just totally rubbish drops out all the time and its hard to get a signal upstairs in the house.  We use to be on cable but its not in this area something I never even considered when we were moving. 

I am still very busy with the teenagers and being a Taxi!! Also helping out when and where needed with my family which is much easier now with live closer to my parents and sisters,  but  I am trying desparetely to continue with my bead making and my love of seed beads too.

I am quite proud of this finished piece, it took me a month to make :0)

And here is my adaption to la fleur bracelet made from a pattern in Sabine Lippert's book

I am now trying to combine what I have learn't from making the last two pieces and come up with something specail for the Bead Magazine competition.

And of course I have been bead making at much as possible too, its hard not to get side tracked I have so much in my head I want to make and such a busy life its hard not to flit from one thing to another and acutally not get anywhere!!

Here are some of my latest beads


Oh an the Skittles cuff I made for my daughter :0)

I will try and pop back soon and keep this blog updated love Helen xxxxxxx