Monday, 31 January 2011

Busy Weekend xxx

Hi everyone, well that was a busy weekend!!! On Friday my daughter injured her knee in PE and that evening one foot went cold, it made me panic so we had to ring the out of hours doctors!! Anyway after getting checked out she has done something to a ligament and with rest she will be back to normal!! So another bit of drama over and done lol!!

I managed some shed time on Saturday and made quite a few sets of beads and also had a play around at making some fun ones too!!

Sunday I had a lovely family day, went to Springfields and did lots of shopping, while Madgy stayed with my Dad and had a lovely play day with their dog Charlie. Then I saw my little sis and my gorgeous little niece Megan, she spent hours playing with some necklaces I bought from Clares that I plan to break up and use for parts!! she is sooooo cute. The day was then rounded off by a lovely roast dinner made by my Mum. Oh I do really love weekends!!!

Mind you poor Spotty really missed me all day and I got a lovely cuddle when I got home, I think he is gorgeous (piccy of him above) xxx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday and I have the Midweek feeling!!

Happy Wednesday everyone, I have that weird mid week feeling where its seem ages til the weekend, but you know you are half way!! Having an ok week so far, been busy at work trying to set up the new work computer with everything it needs, its takes ages and I have had a few pull your hair out moments!! lol

The weekend was nice and quiet and I managed to make lots of beads, I have a big order at the moment and loving making lots of spotty beads. On Sunday me and hubby went to a boot sale and market, he loves pottering about looking for bargins and me and Madge get dragged round!! I bought Madgy two new beds and she is in heaven now!! lol

Here is some of my latest creations

Hoping for a bit more beady time tonight but will have to see how it pans out as have my girly to look after too and she gets a bit jealous of my shed time!!!

Oh and a big congratulations to my big sis who has just got a new job after being made redundant, well done sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Happy New Year

I cannot believe its been since last April since I have updated my blog, thats just terrible!!

Anyway I am back, just got over the flu, and my that really knocked me! Apart from being poorly having quite a good year, spent a few days down in Surrey catching up with my best mate and her gorgeous new baby, staying in lovely hotel too. At the end of that week I took my eldest back to Uni and spent a night in Chester, did loads of shopping with my other daughter, it was loads of fun, and I really love Chester.

The weekend just gone was mostly spent in my shed catching up, I had not made any beads for nearly two weeks, and I was a bit rusty!!! I managed to make a few sets and some more last night. The blue beads on the blog are some of my new ones.

Now I am back at work on the farm, its pretty much same old really! Madgy and the cats are all happy and I am planning to melt glass later tonight. Yay!!