Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Well he looks like a little angel and he gives the best cuddles but at the minute my he is a rowdy boy. He seems to have grown an urge to run outside the minute he gets the slighest chance. On Saturday he ran straight past me as I answered the front door and I only just caught him before he would have ran in the road. I fell over catching him and slipped in the snow!! Little monkey I have tried telling him how dangerous outside is but will he listen!!

So I decided that I would try and train him on a lead so I can take him outside but keep him safe!! I tried a normal harness but he just gets out it, so have now ordered him his own walking jacket!!! how posh is that, he is gonna be so embarrassed wearing that!!! he he

As you can see from the pics above he gets on really well with Madgy!! love the tongue Madgey!!!!!

Bead wise I have been fairly busy making beads but not had the chance to list them this week. I have been having a few web issues so now in the process of transfering my host, so thats gonna be fun!!!

Here are some beady pictures

The Blue bracelet is an idea I had with some glass lampwork flowers I made, I am thinking of making more glass flowers to sell as I think they are such fun xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tatty is missing!!

Well its been a while since I blogged, so sorry guys the lastest down on the farm is that little Tatty has gone missing, he had a fight with Scatty and went missing the next day. Teenage boys hey!!!
I hope he is ok and that he comes back since hes gone Scatty has really bonded with Mags.
Its been really cold so you have to feel sorry for the
It was my Mums 65 birthday at the weekend and we had a family get together which was really nice and the chocolate cake was yummy!!

As many of you are aware its half term this week so pretty busy with our teenagers!!!

I have been beading a bit the beads above are now listed on ebay and I am currently in the middle of a little seed beady braclet. Not feeling fab at the min as having probs with my ears but hey ho must not grumble xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday already!!

Can you believe thats its Tuesday already, this week is flying by, its been dead busy down on the farm and today we passed our CIM inspection so we dead chuffed thats out the way for another year!! Naughty Scatty and Tatty have gone missing again, no where to be seen today, I do wonder where they go!!

I had a fairly quiet weekend, visiting my friend and Mum and Dad, oh and managing at last to buy a new washing up bowl!!! My old one had a hole in it so you had to wash up dead quick!! lol

I have been beading a fair bit but mainly orders and beads to sell on ebay, which seems for me to be quite a good place to sell my beads, or making hearts which I love at the min!!

Madgy has had lots of walks and is being a good dog and Spotty is growing every day, I feel a bit guilty as have booked him in to be castrated at the end of the week!! Poor little boy!!
Here is the cuddly monkey!!