Thursday, 28 July 2011

Things returning to Normal again!! Yay

Sorry not blogged for a few weeks, my daughter had a horrible op and things were a bit mad for a bit, but now she is well on the way to a full recovery and thankfully life is returning to normal again. Yay. I love my family soooo much :0)

So unfortunatly I have not had much shed time and my glass stash has been rather neglected, however whilst sitting with her I have managed to have a go at a few rings, here is my last couple I made

And this morning I acutally went in my shed at 5 am and had a couple of hours. so should soon have some new beadies to show you. I made a couple of frit sets and some swirly ones too, so hope they come out good and Mr kiln monster behaves.

Hope all good with everyone out there xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

To London to see the Queen!!

So I had a fun week, my Mum asked me to come with her to a garden party with the Queen in Buckingham Place, so off we went, it was a fun day, the palace gardens were beautiful and we felt very honoured to be invited. Unfortuately it was packed so we did not get near to the Queen, but it was nice to get all dressed up and have a lovely day out with my Mum.
Here I am before we left practising my curtsey!!

Here we are in the pub before we went to the palace, I love how these piccies look like we are in some old movie!!! lol

Here is Mum just outside the palace gates

And this is us when we came out by the fountain

I was also meant to go to a champagne ball last week but it got cancelled which was a shame but hopefully will be re-organised sometime in the future.

I spent most of the weekend running round after the girls, I did get a bit of torch time, listed lots of new beads in my ebay shop too, lots of new frit beads and some lentils too, since reopening its been pretty busy, which I am really chuffed about.

here is the link to my ebay shop

I did make some fun toadstalls

And at the min we have my daughters friend Heather stopping for a couple of days and she is interested beads (unlike my own girls!!) so we had a stint in the shed and she made a bead!!!

Here I am just guiding her a bit to show her the hang of it!!

And here is Heather showing off her first bead!! lol

We then had a lovely BBQ, enjoying the evening sun.

Hope lots more to show next week as plan to keep myself very busy over the weekend so I don't stress over my daughter's forthcoming op next week xxxx

Helen xxxx