Monday, 28 December 2009


Hi again, just gonna have a quick moan, Madgy pulled me over on the ice the other day and I hurt my back, not wanting to make a fuss I have tried to ignore it but today its really aching!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!!!!!!!

I took a video of my baby boy here you go

I have had quite a few orders to complete so have been singing away in my shed today while my Hubby works at the football!!

Hope you all having fun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Well its all over now and we have the new year festivities to look forward to next. I had a lovely day with my parents and girls while my hubby worked, he does not have a day off until the 29th!!! he was really fed up!!

I have been using my time wisely while I do not have to work and making beads, its so great to get some decent torch time.

Yesterday I walked down to the farm with Madgy and fed Scatty and Tatty the left over turkey they were so happy to see me, they are still very wild but doing well considering how cold its been.

And Madgy and Spot and even Ru enjoyed xmas

Hope you all having a fantastic break too xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Nearly Christmas

Well its nearly the big day and I am actually getting organised, went shopping today with my girls and Sis and baby Megan we had a lovely day and now all my chrimbo shopping is done.

I have my Xmas work get together tomorrow and have to travel upto Liecester so hope the weather is kinder than it has been, its freezing now!!!

Bead wise I have mostly been making orders and making gifts for Xmas,

here are some piccys of some of my frit beads

Hope you all getting sorted and enjoying the snow!!!!

Friday, 11 December 2009

I do like Fridays

I am so happy its Friday gonna really try and chill out this weekend been another busy week!!

Went to my daughters christmas dance last night and she was really good, I was seriously impressed. I tried to get a piccy but she would not keep still long enough so got this weird one!! you can sort of just about make her out!!!!

Bead wise I have been making gifts for family and friends and really not had much torch time at all, did make a couple of funny animals just to play around!!
Hopefully have some torch time tonight and tomorrow I have a couple of orders to complete so really need to get down to it!!

Look at my poor little Madgy today she is having a quiet day and looks a bit down, will have to keep an eye on her, she has not left my side today poor baby, she is eating but just seems fed up!!
have a good weekend everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

So Tired Today

Hi there sorry been a while on here but just seem so rushed off my feet at the min! We have had the auditors in at work which has generated a lot of work at a fairly busy time!! I am so unorganised for Xmas and have had hardly any torch time!!!!!! moan moan moan!! really tired today little Spot has taken to running all over me in the night and I am getting hardly any sleep!! lol

Its not all bad though yesterday I took my little Sis shopping with baby Megan, it was great we even got one of those massive parking spaces right outside the shopping centre!! Baby was really sweet and well behaved and I got to feed her too. I bought her a really sweet little Hello Kitty dress and legging and some cute booties!!

I have been sorting out all my Jewellery and my MIL has been selling loads here are a few pics of some thats left!! I am really still into the Czech beads!!!
I have sold loads of bracelets this year which is strange, I really need more time to make more fun lampwork beads too!!

Spot, Madgy, Ru and Lucy send you hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Miserable so in so!!!!

Sorry guys but I have been a right miserable so in so today, woke up like it and can't shake it off my poor hubby is walking on egg shells today!!!!!!!!!!

I just seem really busy but not actually getting anywhere!!! mad hey and then I get cross with myself cause not done what I wanted and then when I do have some time everything goes wrong!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Anyway at least little spot is happy here is he having a kip on my laptop, aw what a cutie pie I so love himWith my beadies I am having a night of from me shed, as getting myself in a pickle so having a night off!!!

hope you all having a fab week xxx