Monday, 27 June 2011

So now its Hot hot hot!!!

Goes from like being the middle of April all wet and windy to a complete sorcher!!!! Yay I love the sun, even if it is a very hot sticky heat!!!! I have been trying to walk to work to continue my effort to loose a bit of weight and stay healthy!! Today's walk was lovely but Madgy got rather tired as we neared the farm!!! Bless her I think she wanted to jump in the Dyke but I stopped her cause the water is really dirty!!! My office is in those building behind her!!!!

So I am trying to think what I have been up to over the last week, I feel like I have been really busy but actually don't know what with!! I am still rather addicted to Tiara's here is my lastest one!

And in my quest to make more Tiara's and thinking of heading in the fascinating fascinator/hat direction too after sprucing up a hat my sis lent me for a big day I have in London this week!! tee hee I have become rather flower obsessed and made these amongst a few more too!!

I did manage a trip to hobby craft yesterday and acutally got really excited over all the feathers and bits and bods that they had, made my mind awash with lots of new ideas!! so when I calmed down I bought a few bits without going too mad!!

So this week is a busy one, two main events to look forward to a trip to London and at the end of the week a girly summer ball!!! yay will let you know how it all goes, hope you all have a good week xxxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I keep getting caught in the rain!!!!

Well this week I have got drenched twice!! firstly we took my niece out for a walk on Friday and the heavens just opened on us!! We had to take refuge under a tree and call my parents to come save us!! Above is my two girls waiting to be rescued!! no coats!!! lol

Then the second time I walked up to my office on the farm on Saturday to check mail etc and this is what faced me and Madgy on the way home!! Its about a 2 mile walk back and we got drenched!!!! They say things happen in 3's so looking forward to my next soaking!! lol

Things have been pretty quiet on the bead front and only managed a little bit of shed time this week, been playing making ladybirds

and these too

I really like the idea of novelty hair pieces with my lampwork beadies so think I might follow this idea up a bit more!! Piggies next I think!! tee hee

A big happy birthday to my Hubby today too xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I Am In A Good Mood!!

Hey there, well I am really in a good mood this week, lots of nice things have been happening over the last week!!

Firstly we picked up our new car and I totally love it, I have never had a brand new car before and feel very lucky, even if I do feel that everyone on the road wants to hit it and I am driving super careful!! We have a really narrow drive to park down (190 cm wide and the car is 170cm) so I have been hanging towels on the wing mirrors and getting my daughter to walk in front of the car to guide me down!! My old car had serious scrathes but it never mattered!! Anyway I managed to master the art of cruise control and picked my daughter up from uni on Sunday so now have both my girls off for the summer and I have no idea how to motivate them to get some work!!

On Saturday I had a lovely shopping day with my youngest daughter who has just finished all her exams, she helped me choose a dress to wear to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen!! and of course I treated her to a new dress too.

Bead wise I have not had an awful lot of time I did manage to make these pretty flower beads

and played around making hair combs

And a new bracelet

So next on my list is to empty my kiln, it still has the beadies I made yesterday in it and then hopefully have some more lovely beadies to make with. I have yet another tiara idea and hopefully some beads that match my new dress.

Hope you all enjoying the Sun today xxx

Monday, 6 June 2011

June Already!!! blimey!!

This year is really flying by!!!! My daughter was 19 on Saturday, she celebrated it without me at Uni and by all accounts had a good time, oh to be young again!!! lol

I had a fairly quiet weekend, which was great as had lots of me time and managed to spend some quality time in the shed, a bit of dog walking, Tiara making and lots of cuddles with Spotty( well when he was not playing like mad or sitting on my laptop!!.

I bought some mosaic cutters to cut down my handmade murrini as the clipper things I usually use flick it every where and it makes me sooo mad!! anyway I am really pleased with them they cut the glass so much easier. Here are some beads I have made with my new murrini:-

Here is my lastest Tiara and I also had a go at a hair comb, I really love making them, its so addictive and I have been dreaming of swarvoski crystal!!!

My youngest daughter is sitting her maths exam as we speak, so keeping everything crossed for her and hope she does ok, she will soon be all finished at her school and onto College x

Good luck to anyone else out there going through the same xxx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tiara crazy!!

Well I have been going Tiara mad since my last blog!! totally addicted to making them and even my hubby has told me to off!! I have run out of tiara bases so waiting now for more to come!!! lol

I spent most of the weekend catching up in my shed and working hard to get my website back up and running. If you get time have a look, its has a total new look and I am now in the process of making new beads to fill it back up!! Just click on the flower bead below for the link (which is one of my new focal beads)

I am feeling in a really positive good mood this week, girls are being good and hubby seems pretty happy and I just cannot get enough time in my shed, really concentrating on trying to make the best I can especially with flower beads and murrini.

heres a few more pics of some of my new beads

Its my daughters 19th birthday this weekend, can't believe she is 19 years old blimey where does the time go!!! she is going to be celebrating away from home this year!! gonna be strange not being part of it, but heres to a fabulous weekend by big girl and I love you xxxxxxxxxxxx