Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sorry been ages!!

I am sooo sorry I have not updated my blog for ages!!!! Loads has been going on and I still don't seem to have caught up since my hols!! Sadly I did not make it to Cyprus due to the Ash cancelling our flights but we did have a few days relaxing in Norfolk which was lovely.

Here is Madgy and me on the beach!! We had some great weather and it was really relaxing and hubby spoiled me on my birthday by treating me to loads of new clothes.

I have been pretty busy with my beads and at the moment I am totally loving making encased flower beads and I hope to get better and better at them!!

I have just finished this bracelet which I was doing as part of a swap on Frit Happens

At the moment I am concentrating on building my stock levels so trying to grap every minute I have bead making, but as you are all probably aware kids and work etc to tend to get in the way a bit!! Still I do love all my family xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

April is here

I just love the month of April, it really feels like the winter is behind us (even if there is a gale blowing outside!!) the daffodils are all out and its lighter and I am sure the sun will start to appear a bit more soon!!!! I really should try and make some daffodil beads!!!!

I have had a bit of a busy week what with work and the girls etc. Elle did a dance show on Tuesday night and she was really good, it was really good show and I have not stopped singing Day Dream in blue by the I monsters - totally fab song!! here is the link to the song if you fancy a listen

I have also been pretty busy in my shed GBUK have a competition that I want to enter so I have been trying out loads of diff ideas!! And I have now finished the beads for my entry and I am really pleased with them. (can't show you piccies as not sure allowed re comp rules etc).

I have been making lots of pigs for my web and will also be for a donating 6 of them for the Flame Off Auction, along with a voucher from the bead shed to help try and raise money for Air Ambulance.

I have a busy easter planned and hope to fit in a bit of beading too!!!! HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Sun is out at last

Well I don't know about you but I am loving that its at last warming up and the sun has been visiting us all, definately makes me feel happier.

I have been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks, with life and it amazes me how the days just fly by!! I had a fab day out at Sunny Hunny with my girls and Madgy, with a great walk on the beach and chips on the seafront. We all had a good day and enjoyed the fresh air.

Then in the week I did a pamper evening for charity that went well and I met an old school friend that fuses glass, which was really interesting to catch up.

As usual I have been busy with my beads, been making quite a lot and had quite a lot of sales on ebay, which has been good. I have also been a bit obsessed with making bracelets!!! Here are some pics of my recent creations.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday wooo hoooo

Well I am glad this week is nearly over, been one of those weeks that have just seemed like everthing has been hard work!!! I am totally worn out today. The week started off bad with Tatty now gone missing as well so both farm cats now have not been seen for ages, I really miss them and its made coming to work on the farm a little harder. I just wish I knew they were happy somewhere and nothing bad happened to them. Then some other things that I won't go into went wrong!! life hey it's always throwing little tests at you!!

So I have had my head down setting up a new website, its really coming on now and I have made it live today.

I plan to move over my .com one when I know its all running smoothly and there are no problems.

The only beads I have made are at the top here, just not had any time this week when I don't make beads I do tend to get a bit moody!!! he he

At least little Spot is getting use to his walking jacket and getting outside now, I know I spoil him but he is soooo cute and this little jacket is so perfect for keeping him safe!!

Gosh I sound a misery, sorry guys will make some beads this evening and return to my former happy self!!! lol

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Well he looks like a little angel and he gives the best cuddles but at the minute my he is a rowdy boy. He seems to have grown an urge to run outside the minute he gets the slighest chance. On Saturday he ran straight past me as I answered the front door and I only just caught him before he would have ran in the road. I fell over catching him and slipped in the snow!! Little monkey I have tried telling him how dangerous outside is but will he listen!!

So I decided that I would try and train him on a lead so I can take him outside but keep him safe!! I tried a normal harness but he just gets out it, so have now ordered him his own walking jacket!!! how posh is that, he is gonna be so embarrassed wearing that!!! he he

As you can see from the pics above he gets on really well with Madgy!! love the tongue Madgey!!!!!

Bead wise I have been fairly busy making beads but not had the chance to list them this week. I have been having a few web issues so now in the process of transfering my host, so thats gonna be fun!!!

Here are some beady pictures

The Blue bracelet is an idea I had with some glass lampwork flowers I made, I am thinking of making more glass flowers to sell as I think they are such fun xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tatty is missing!!

Well its been a while since I blogged, so sorry guys the lastest down on the farm is that little Tatty has gone missing, he had a fight with Scatty and went missing the next day. Teenage boys hey!!!
I hope he is ok and that he comes back since hes gone Scatty has really bonded with Mags.
Its been really cold so you have to feel sorry for the
It was my Mums 65 birthday at the weekend and we had a family get together which was really nice and the chocolate cake was yummy!!

As many of you are aware its half term this week so pretty busy with our teenagers!!!

I have been beading a bit the beads above are now listed on ebay and I am currently in the middle of a little seed beady braclet. Not feeling fab at the min as having probs with my ears but hey ho must not grumble xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday already!!

Can you believe thats its Tuesday already, this week is flying by, its been dead busy down on the farm and today we passed our CIM inspection so we dead chuffed thats out the way for another year!! Naughty Scatty and Tatty have gone missing again, no where to be seen today, I do wonder where they go!!

I had a fairly quiet weekend, visiting my friend and Mum and Dad, oh and managing at last to buy a new washing up bowl!!! My old one had a hole in it so you had to wash up dead quick!! lol

I have been beading a fair bit but mainly orders and beads to sell on ebay, which seems for me to be quite a good place to sell my beads, or making hearts which I love at the min!!

Madgy has had lots of walks and is being a good dog and Spotty is growing every day, I feel a bit guilty as have booked him in to be castrated at the end of the week!! Poor little boy!!
Here is the cuddly monkey!!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday Already

Well this week has flown by, the farm has been really busy and our girls have been as ever demanding as usual!!! I have also took up swimming this week as after last weekend away decided that I was becoming unfit, so it's up at 6.00 three times a week and swim before work!!

Its so nice to be able to catch some torch time today and have a good walk with Madgey!! although it was cold the sun was out and it was really nice and bright.
Here are some beads that I have made this week

I also have some new beads cooking so hopefully more to show soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
happy weekend everyone.

Monday, 25 January 2010

What a Fantastic Weekend

Hi everyone, well we had a fantastic time in Edinburgh, what a great city and it was great fun being a tourist!!! We saw the Royal Brittania, Palace Holyrood and the Castle and we went on a couple of sightseeing bus tours.
Here are some pictures taken on the Royal Brittania and One of Edinburgh Castle.
Whilst I was away I took some of my beadies too and when Jason was chilling in the hotel i made some Jewellery too plus I managed to check out a couple of bead shops too!!!
Getting home yesterday was a bit of a come down work was really busy cause I had been away and I had loads of stuff to do for Lala Lampwork, just about getting caught up now though, so off to clean some beads and then go for a swim!! (yes I am getting fat so having to do something about it!!!)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow snow go away!!!

Well I think perhaps most of us are fed up with all this white stuff now, been hanging around a bit to long for my liking and just when you think thats the last of it, we get another covering!!! Above are a couple pictures of the road I have to take down to the farm, nice and slippery and foggy too!!! I suppose its quite pretty in a way but very dark!!

The farm has been really busy this week and I am finding it really hard to get some shed time, I did manage an early morning yesterday where I made these -

And then when I got so cold at work and could not face my cold shed I played with my beads and made these

I am really hoping for some glass time tonight!!! not that I am obsessed or anything!!!!