Thursday, 22 September 2011

Where has this week gone!!

Well I cannot believe its nearly the weekend again, this last week has just flown by!!!  I got up on Saturday at 6 am and dragged George out of bed and drove her back to Chester, settled her into her new house and then drove home again!!  I was back home by 2pm shattered but so glad to get off the M6!!

Here's George in her new house, she is a very happy bunny to be back at Uni.
So on Sunday I had to get up early to take Jason to work he was mean't to be away again all week and I was dreading it because I hate not having him around, espeically having to cook for myself!! tee hee.  Luckily things worked out better than he thought and he came home on Tuesday Yay!! 

I kept myself pretty busy anyway and made lots of beads, I am still playing around with my silver glass and made these with a press I have had for a while and never got round to using.

I really like this shape and so made a braclet too

Then I thought it would be a great shape to make some Animal beads so made these, my favourite is the piggy so far!!

I think next time I get in the shed I am going to play around with this idea a bit more!!  thinking maybe cows next and then maybe made some tree beads, as think would be good on this shape!!

Anyway I so looking forward to the weekend, hopefully have a day out to the seaside, I really want a walk on the beach!! 
Hope you all doing ok xxxxxx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Just Catching Up

Well I am back from a brilliant extended weekend in Surrey and now trying to catch up with everything!!
Here is where we stayed
Madgy loves it there were lots of ducks to watch and you can walk miles from the door through a big golf course and stunning scenery. This is our second stay here, its about 1/2 an hour to my best friend's house and a great base.  Oh and a wonderful pub right on the doorstep too! :0)

While we were staying there I popped out and spent as much time as I could catching up with Jayne and her lovely family, it was her Son's first birthday and she had a lovely party for him. On Monday we went to Camberley I had beads to post and we had lunch with her Mum. 
I even managed to make a couple of bits while we where chilling out in the evenings.

So the next couple of days I plan to make new beads and get them stocked back in my ebay shop and then I have a busy weekend taking my daughter back to Chester Uni and then Jason is being sent off to Essex for a week! :0( .

Hope you all having a good week

Helen x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you all, I have been keeping myself pretty busy making lots of beads over the last week or so.


I bought some new Double Helix glass and I am really enjoying trying out different combinations to see what colour mixes I can come up with!!
 I have had quite a bit more shed time over the last week with Jason having to work in London and the girls all busy making the most of there last few days before they all return to College/School/Uni.  I love it when they all busy and out my hair!!!!  he he   On Sunday we were mean't to be going to a duck race but it got rained off!!  lol  (this is were they put hunderds of yellow ducks in the river, they are all numbered and if yours gets to the finishing line first you win!!) its normally quite a fun day but not in the pouring rain even if they ducks did not mind!!.  So we had Sunday dinner with my Mum instead and drank wine!!!!

Mum asked me to make some new necklaces for her neighbours so I made these
I plan on trying to make some more over the next few weeks as Jason's Mum likes to take them to sell to her friends near Christmas and I have hardly any made!!

I am really looking forward to the weekend its my freinds son's first birthday and she is having a party for him, he is sooo gorgeous and I miss seeing him grow up as we live so far apart!!

My ebay is also getting nicely stocked as I try to add new beads most days here is the link

hope you all having a good week and its not too windy and rainy!! 

Helen xxxx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Wheat Harvest is all done!!

So as promised here is a piccy of our combine at work!!

And here is Madgy on a bale!! I love this time of year when all the men are busy and out of my office!!!!! Its straight into our onion harvest now!!

As usual I have kept myself busy too, Lauren is back from Greece looking very tanned, Holly has been staying with her freind and came back Sunday. Elle is busy working, she run off her feet selling shoes with the pre school rush!! and of course Hubby is working loads as usual!!

So I took my eldest to Chester this weekend, we had a lovely time, picked up her key for her new house for next year, its really nice and she is now getting excited about returning to Uni. Then after booking into the lovely Green Gables B & B, we popped to Cheshire Oaks. Its the first time I have been and wow shops and more shops!!!! After picking up a few bargins!! bras for a pound!!! and of course a visit to the Lindt Choc Shop oh yummy!! We went to the cinema and saw Planet of the Apes, I am not normally one to sit still and watch a film but surprised myself and really enjoyed it!! Then it was pizza time and back to the B & B we were shattered!!!

We returned early on Sunday as I wanted to miss the traffic and get back in my shed!! So here is some of my newest beads

I have had a complete re think with my webby and now will only be selling my beads in my ebay shop and not on my website. Ebay has always worked well for me and even though the charges can be higher I do seem to sell more there and as long as I have a small turn over to buy glass I am happy!!! I still have my website but have changed it to a cheaper package and when I have time will see if I get round to adding some of my jewellery there.

So I am off to enroll my youngest at college tonight, she did really well in her results and she is really excited to start her new Childcare course.

Hope you all had a good bank holiday

Helen x

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

August is flying by!!

Well I am soo sorry meant to try and keep up with this blogging but time just seems to fly by!!

My daughter is now well and truly getting over her op, she can eat soft stuff now, so thankfully I can put the blender to one side!! Poor girl I am the worst cook anyway and having blending mush was getting her down!! She has gone on holiday with my sister this week and rang to tell me she even managed pizza!! Yay.

Our other girls are doing pretty good at the min, we Lauren holidaying in Greece, Holly has been staying with Becca and now her Grandad and Elle is busy working at Clarks and trying to behave!!

So the last week I have been able to have a bit more shed time and have been fairly busy with sales going really well at the moment. Here are some of my newest beads

I am afraid I am still really loving making rings at the min, and now most of my family are wearing them now, well of course not my Dad or Hubby!!! LOL

Down on the farm its really busy we have now started our wheat harvest and the big combine is out, I will see if I can get a piccy for my next blog, its quite an impressive bit of machinery!!

If you want to check out my ebay beady shop click on the ebay logo

hope you all having a good week xxx


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Things returning to Normal again!! Yay

Sorry not blogged for a few weeks, my daughter had a horrible op and things were a bit mad for a bit, but now she is well on the way to a full recovery and thankfully life is returning to normal again. Yay. I love my family soooo much :0)

So unfortunatly I have not had much shed time and my glass stash has been rather neglected, however whilst sitting with her I have managed to have a go at a few rings, here is my last couple I made

And this morning I acutally went in my shed at 5 am and had a couple of hours. so should soon have some new beadies to show you. I made a couple of frit sets and some swirly ones too, so hope they come out good and Mr kiln monster behaves.

Hope all good with everyone out there xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

To London to see the Queen!!

So I had a fun week, my Mum asked me to come with her to a garden party with the Queen in Buckingham Place, so off we went, it was a fun day, the palace gardens were beautiful and we felt very honoured to be invited. Unfortuately it was packed so we did not get near to the Queen, but it was nice to get all dressed up and have a lovely day out with my Mum.
Here I am before we left practising my curtsey!!

Here we are in the pub before we went to the palace, I love how these piccies look like we are in some old movie!!! lol

Here is Mum just outside the palace gates

And this is us when we came out by the fountain

I was also meant to go to a champagne ball last week but it got cancelled which was a shame but hopefully will be re-organised sometime in the future.

I spent most of the weekend running round after the girls, I did get a bit of torch time, listed lots of new beads in my ebay shop too, lots of new frit beads and some lentils too, since reopening its been pretty busy, which I am really chuffed about.

here is the link to my ebay shop

I did make some fun toadstalls

And at the min we have my daughters friend Heather stopping for a couple of days and she is interested beads (unlike my own girls!!) so we had a stint in the shed and she made a bead!!!

Here I am just guiding her a bit to show her the hang of it!!

And here is Heather showing off her first bead!! lol

We then had a lovely BBQ, enjoying the evening sun.

Hope lots more to show next week as plan to keep myself very busy over the weekend so I don't stress over my daughter's forthcoming op next week xxxx

Helen xxxx

Monday, 27 June 2011

So now its Hot hot hot!!!

Goes from like being the middle of April all wet and windy to a complete sorcher!!!! Yay I love the sun, even if it is a very hot sticky heat!!!! I have been trying to walk to work to continue my effort to loose a bit of weight and stay healthy!! Today's walk was lovely but Madgy got rather tired as we neared the farm!!! Bless her I think she wanted to jump in the Dyke but I stopped her cause the water is really dirty!!! My office is in those building behind her!!!!

So I am trying to think what I have been up to over the last week, I feel like I have been really busy but actually don't know what with!! I am still rather addicted to Tiara's here is my lastest one!

And in my quest to make more Tiara's and thinking of heading in the fascinating fascinator/hat direction too after sprucing up a hat my sis lent me for a big day I have in London this week!! tee hee I have become rather flower obsessed and made these amongst a few more too!!

I did manage a trip to hobby craft yesterday and acutally got really excited over all the feathers and bits and bods that they had, made my mind awash with lots of new ideas!! so when I calmed down I bought a few bits without going too mad!!

So this week is a busy one, two main events to look forward to a trip to London and at the end of the week a girly summer ball!!! yay will let you know how it all goes, hope you all have a good week xxxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I keep getting caught in the rain!!!!

Well this week I have got drenched twice!! firstly we took my niece out for a walk on Friday and the heavens just opened on us!! We had to take refuge under a tree and call my parents to come save us!! Above is my two girls waiting to be rescued!! no coats!!! lol

Then the second time I walked up to my office on the farm on Saturday to check mail etc and this is what faced me and Madgy on the way home!! Its about a 2 mile walk back and we got drenched!!!! They say things happen in 3's so looking forward to my next soaking!! lol

Things have been pretty quiet on the bead front and only managed a little bit of shed time this week, been playing making ladybirds

and these too

I really like the idea of novelty hair pieces with my lampwork beadies so think I might follow this idea up a bit more!! Piggies next I think!! tee hee

A big happy birthday to my Hubby today too xxxxxxxxxxxxx