Friday, 27 May 2011

last Weekends Bead Retreat

Firstly this is the piccy of the bracelet I made with the beads from my last blog, the piccy is a bit dark, but I love it xx

Well we had a fantastic weekend, can't believe it was nearly a whole week ago!! It was such fun, lovely company, everyone got on brilliantly and the place where we stayed was fantastic. Great Walks and Great food and the beading was just brilliant, its so nice to have such a wide range of talent all in one place, I am constantly amazed about what everyone can make. We also had a baby shower for Aster it was a really lovely weekend and I am so lucky to have meet such a lovely bunch of beaders. The house we staying in is in the middle of the trees at the top of the hill in this photo. I walked Madgy along the Tissington Trail and it was beautiful.

There is way to much to tell you all but here is the link with Photos so you can see what we were all upto. Just click on the piccy x

Whilst we were there the lovely Faye from Occasions Accessories (!/OccasionsAccessories?sk=infonfo) showed me how to make Tiara's and I am afriad I now have a new addiction!!! I would like to try and incorporate my glass flowers in each Tiara.

But my daughter wanted one without so I made here this one

I have loads to do at the min, I am in the process of redoing my website and I am not getting on very quick!! Plus I need lots of shed time to make new beads and thinking of making murrini too, so it will be head down over the next month or so, so if you see me slacking give me a kick up the bum!!

Helen xx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bead retreat is nearly here!!

I am so excited, some of the bead buddies have planned bead retreat weekend and its nearly here just two more sleeps. I cannot wait we had such a lovely time last year and I learnt loads too. We are staying on this lovely farm in Derbyshire and this year Madgy is coming too!! ( will have to watch her near all those sheeps!!!!!!

I have been busy preparing got all my beads together and route planned, new pyjamas and jeans too!! Its gonna be nice to have a step out of my hectic life and chill out. Hubby is gonna be left looking after his girlies and remaining pets!! Poor Spotty ( my cat) no Mummy cuddles for a couple of days!!!!!!!

I did manage a bit of shed time at the weekend and played around making my own murinni, at first i really had a job pulling it out even but kept at it and gots some nice results in the end. Here are some beads I made with them:-

I really love bracelets and as its now summer thought I would make myself some to add to my ever growing collection and came up with this

I quite like it it's nice and chunky, so I am thinking of making a whole collection sooooo made these beads for my next one!!

Will show you when I finish it, might match them with some more of my lampies and see what I come up with.

Catch up next week with all the goss on the beady weekend xxx

Helen xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Newest flower beads x

All the above beads were made on my sunday session in the shed, I have not had anytime since then, as came down with some horrible bug that floored me for a couple of days, I did manage to go to work but cancelled everything else which has mean't I have been feeling a little sorry for myself!! I even missed out on a night with some of my freinds!!!

Anyway, I have decided to give myself a kick up the bum and get back in the shed today, feeling sorry for yourself is pointless, easy to slip into when so much goes on around you but still pointless, so what shall I make!!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmm can't decide xxxx

Hope everyone out there having a fun time xxxxx

Monday, 9 May 2011

So sorry not blogged for ages!!

Hi there, well I am sooo sorry not updated on here for ages, have had loads of going on over the last few months but think things are returning to a calmer time again (fingers crossed). I returned my eldest daughter back to Uni at the weekend, its a bit of a drive to Chester but I think I am now getting use to it now and it really is a lovely City. Was there and back, home by 1 pm this time!!! but then totally shattered!!

I then used Sunday as my beading day, I am really into making sets with hearts at the min and also flower beads too. I have been really thinking about my beading lately and things are pretty slow, so have decided to use the time to try harder and make more compilcated beads rather than trying to sell. The selling game is such a complicated one, that I am obviously not very good at and it can be disheartening when so much time goes into my making.

So I made flower beads yesterday and will get them cleaned to show later today, I am also getting quite excited about the bead retreat, only two weeks to go Yay, a whole weekend talking beads just can't wait.