Monday, 21 February 2011

Its sooo cold!!!

Hi everyone, gosh its sooo cold and dull here in the fens this week, really hope it starts to warm up soon. I had a bit of a horrible week with a lot of stress that I won't go into, but my beads and glass are keeping me sane lol!!!!

I managed to get some torch time yesterday after a problem with my oxygenator. (it makes oxygen to fuel my torch) Hubby had to open it up and fix a faulty valve!! with a little bit of guidance from Spot of course!! had me worried for a bit but its happily humming away now!! Yay.

I made some encased beadies

and finished off some spotty ones for a big order I have at the min.

I have a pretty busy week planned fairly busy down on the farm, then off to Surrey this week visiting my best friend and her gorgeous son. Then my daughter is home from Chester at the weekend so we planning a family catch up weekend, so heres hoping we all have a good week xxx

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