Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Happy New Year

I cannot believe its been since last April since I have updated my blog, thats just terrible!!

Anyway I am back, just got over the flu, and my that really knocked me! Apart from being poorly having quite a good year, spent a few days down in Surrey catching up with my best mate and her gorgeous new baby, staying in lovely hotel too. At the end of that week I took my eldest back to Uni and spent a night in Chester, did loads of shopping with my other daughter, it was loads of fun, and I really love Chester.

The weekend just gone was mostly spent in my shed catching up, I had not made any beads for nearly two weeks, and I was a bit rusty!!! I managed to make a few sets and some more last night. The blue beads on the blog are some of my new ones.

Now I am back at work on the farm, its pretty much same old really! Madgy and the cats are all happy and I am planning to melt glass later tonight. Yay!!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you;re finally over the flu.
    and i am glad you are back at the torch!
    Your beads are always so pretty!

    I love Chester too. My best mate used to live there, and I was there every weekend with her! I do love the place, but it's a nightmare Christmas shopping there.