Wednesday, 17 August 2011

August is flying by!!

Well I am soo sorry meant to try and keep up with this blogging but time just seems to fly by!!

My daughter is now well and truly getting over her op, she can eat soft stuff now, so thankfully I can put the blender to one side!! Poor girl I am the worst cook anyway and having blending mush was getting her down!! She has gone on holiday with my sister this week and rang to tell me she even managed pizza!! Yay.

Our other girls are doing pretty good at the min, we Lauren holidaying in Greece, Holly has been staying with Becca and now her Grandad and Elle is busy working at Clarks and trying to behave!!

So the last week I have been able to have a bit more shed time and have been fairly busy with sales going really well at the moment. Here are some of my newest beads

I am afraid I am still really loving making rings at the min, and now most of my family are wearing them now, well of course not my Dad or Hubby!!! LOL

Down on the farm its really busy we have now started our wheat harvest and the big combine is out, I will see if I can get a piccy for my next blog, its quite an impressive bit of machinery!!

If you want to check out my ebay beady shop click on the ebay logo

hope you all having a good week xxx


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