Monday, 13 February 2012

Been so long since I blogged!!

Well what can I say apart from I am sorry!!  I could not believe it when I checked the date and realised its been 5 months since I blogged!!  I have had so much going on with my little family that I just could not find the energy to share all that has been going on!! Sometimes its better just to get on with things :0)

Anyway its a new year and we are well into February, did you all enjoy the snow!!! Above is a picture of some of what we got!!  Madgy just loves it goes totally mad!! 

I am still making my beads, even if I do get rather cold toes and my Oxycon (machine that puts oxygen to my torch) is a bit temperamental in the cold!!  I have been lugging it back and forth into the house after each torch session so it does not freeze up, would be lost without that machine!!!!  I have been making a lot of beads with double helix glass, they seem to sell really well and you get such a different effect with the glass, I find it so pretty,  here one of my latest sets:-
I made some more along with some focal beads which I hope to share with you all once they are cleaned.

I have also become rather addicted to peyote bead patterns, all started wanting to make a cuff as a Christmas present and as always with me I get rather obsessed and now Jason has even bought me a some computer software so I can design my own patterns!!  It mean't that a lot of my time is spent dreaming of all the delica colours!!!!!

Here a pattern by Lorene Osterday which I purchased off Etsy for a present for my friends birthday.

 I do have lots of beads for sale in my ebay shop which is still going well and if anyone is interested here is the link -

Hope you all have a good week and keep warm


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