Saturday, 28 November 2009

Saturday at last!!

Well Saturday is here and I plan to really chill this weekend!! just dyed my hair to get rid of those sneaky greys! (oh and my face arms and most of the bathroom!!!) Then this afternoon I am taking the Mazda out and going to see a friend, I have not driven it for months so I am really looking forward to it!!

Spot went to the vets last night for his kitten check, bless him I felt so guilty as had him chipped and his first lot of injections and he made such a fuss and then shook afterwards. He seems quite happy today though so I think the ordeal is all forgotten!!! Here is laying on my T shirt that has just come out the tumble dryer and was all warm!!!! cats do love their comfort!!!
In the week I have been pretty busy in the evenings making quite a few beadies, I am really into making dusted beads at the mo is are some examples

There are more examples on my webby with other colours. I am hoping to get beading this evening as have loads of ideas at the min and also must get on with my secret santa for bead buddies.

Hope you all have fab weekend


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