Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sun is out today!!

Well at least we have some sunshine for a change!!! still a bit windy but much better today.

I have been keeping busy and feeling pretty good at the moment, I don't really try to sell my jewellery very much, never been very good at all that sales stuff, but as its getting near Xmas and lots of my friends have asked to see my stuff I decided to get a bit organised. So I have got some necklace display thingy's and a big basket and arranged all my jewellery in it so friends and family can have a look through. I was so suprised when my Mother in law took the basket to show some of her friends and then sold over £100 pounds, which is just fantastic I am well chuffed.

I only had a bit of shed time Tuesday night and tried making shells!! here is a couple that came out quite well!!

And I am still making fun xmas beads to pop in with orders of my website(sorry they are on there side I really don't know what I have done, but its quite funny!!!

I plan a mamouth making session tonight providing the kiddies let me!! I have loads of new frits delivered today and can't wait to have a play!!

Oh and not forgetting the update on little Spot, everyone of the family has fell in love with him, he is so sweet natured and even sat with Jason watching the footie all evening, so the males in the house have bonded!!! he he

here he is helping me unpack a delivery!!!
Cute hey!!!


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