Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday wooo hoooo

Well I am glad this week is nearly over, been one of those weeks that have just seemed like everthing has been hard work!!! I am totally worn out today. The week started off bad with Tatty now gone missing as well so both farm cats now have not been seen for ages, I really miss them and its made coming to work on the farm a little harder. I just wish I knew they were happy somewhere and nothing bad happened to them. Then some other things that I won't go into went wrong!! life hey it's always throwing little tests at you!!

So I have had my head down setting up a new website, its really coming on now and I have made it live today.

I plan to move over my .com one when I know its all running smoothly and there are no problems.

The only beads I have made are at the top here, just not had any time this week when I don't make beads I do tend to get a bit moody!!! he he

At least little Spot is getting use to his walking jacket and getting outside now, I know I spoil him but he is soooo cute and this little jacket is so perfect for keeping him safe!!

Gosh I sound a misery, sorry guys will make some beads this evening and return to my former happy self!!! lol


  1. Happy Friday Helen! :)
    Have had a good old noesy round your new website! I must admit it looks fab, i am with 1 and 1 aswell, but for some reason could not get my head around their eShop! Well done you clever woman!

    have a good un sweetie!
    Nicola *quartz*


  2. Love your blog. I have given you a Sunshine Award xx