Friday, 11 March 2011

I can be soooo stupid its unbelieveable really!!

Hi everyone, well what can I say I am a total idiot, I had to withdraw my entry for the GBUK because i am thick and did not read the rules properly and showed the cuff!! I was sooo annoyed with myself and it has really taught me a lesson to slow down and read things, instead of rushing in!! Luckily they have extended the entry date and I now have time to try and submit a totally new peice secretly this time!!!!

Above is my Mad Spot!!! lol

Anyway I have also decided to slow things down a bit, taking time to enjoy my beads rather than actively trying to sell, so I have put my Misi, Etsy, Folksey and Ebay all on hold and I am only going to concentrate on my website from now on, when I have the time. I mean I have a job and the girls, pets and Hubby to look after and feel like I have been overdoing things a bit.

Sooo to cheer myself up I had a bit of an internet shop and bought lots of lovely glass pearl beads and with all the beads now not listed I have been eyeing up ideas to make some jewellery just for fun!!

so far have made these beads
into this necklace

And with this necklace too

I plan to get some shed time at the weekend and want to try the tut in Beads and Beyond magazine that Sally Carver has done, I never have been able to master round implusion beads, so wish me luck!!!!

Happy weekend to you all xxxx


  1. gorgeous necklaces Helen, I love that tut in beads and beyond, i'm not a lampworker, but when i saw those on the front cover they made my mouth water lol

  2. Can't wait to see how the beads turn out, Sally's are gorgeous and no doubt yours will be too. :0) Goood luck with the competition.

  3. You numpty what are you like woman. Yes slow down!!!