Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mid Week and Feeling off

Firstly don't laugh but here is a mad creation I made, not sure what I was thinking really but its done!!!! We are all allowed our little mistakes!!

Well its Wednesday already and I feel a bit off today!!! I have been dieting and think I might have eaten too much riveta!!!! lol Maybe I need chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a lovely weekend caught up with my little sis and her lovely family, little Megan is growing up fast and so comical now. I also met my daughters new boyfriend, this is a new experience for me,first time one of my girls has officially got a boyfriend and introduced them!! I think they are dead scared I will scare them off!!!! LOL!!!

So I have been extremally addicted to making impolosion beads and these are my lastest

I made this bracelet just for me and since wearing someone at work has asked me to make a bracelet in the same line but diff colours for their wife, so chuffed with that

Oh and my Mum has asked for red necklaces so made these, but won't know what she thinks of them until the next time we catch up. My Mum is my number one fan of my Jewellery!! lol

So last night I planned to make more beads but I had one of those days when whatever I tried to make just turned to pooh!! so having a day off the shed today, might get some seedies out tonight will see how I feel.

The only other thing I have to tell you is that I have now popped some beads on sale on my webby to try and make way for new beads to get to the link just click on sale.

hope you all having a good week and enjoying the sunshine peeking through xxxx

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