Monday, 14 March 2011

Really Chilled out this weekend

Well I have just had a lovely relaxing calm weekend for a change, no teenage troubles and quite a bit of time to myself!! The sun even shone now and then!!

so here was my first attempt!!

Then I tried with green aventurine and it sort of did not work but I still quite like them!!

And these are my latest try, I think I am getting there now!! lol

I cant wait to try and make some more now, but running out of clear glass and no money till pay day!!

Oh and shhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I finished my peice for the gbuk competition which is safley hidden away ready to post!! yay

I have also nearly finished something else I have been making but its a bit mad really!! I will hopefully finish it tonight then show lol.

Oh and having a great time at the moment on the bead buddies forum, with swapsies, got this amazing beaded bracelet in the post today I loves it!!

Hope you all happy and smiling


1 comment:

  1. Those implosion beads are looking really good, Helen!