Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bead retreat is nearly here!!

I am so excited, some of the bead buddies have planned bead retreat weekend and its nearly here just two more sleeps. I cannot wait we had such a lovely time last year and I learnt loads too. We are staying on this lovely farm in Derbyshire and this year Madgy is coming too!! ( will have to watch her near all those sheeps!!!!!!

I have been busy preparing got all my beads together and route planned, new pyjamas and jeans too!! Its gonna be nice to have a step out of my hectic life and chill out. Hubby is gonna be left looking after his girlies and remaining pets!! Poor Spotty ( my cat) no Mummy cuddles for a couple of days!!!!!!!

I did manage a bit of shed time at the weekend and played around making my own murinni, at first i really had a job pulling it out even but kept at it and gots some nice results in the end. Here are some beads I made with them:-

I really love bracelets and as its now summer thought I would make myself some to add to my ever growing collection and came up with this

I quite like it it's nice and chunky, so I am thinking of making a whole collection sooooo made these beads for my next one!!

Will show you when I finish it, might match them with some more of my lampies and see what I come up with.

Catch up next week with all the goss on the beady weekend xxx

Helen xxx


  1. I am loving the turquoise ones, I can't even imagine where you start with making your own murrini!
    Am so looking forward to this weekend.

  2. Oooh, you clever thing you! Can't wait to see everyone again - and meet new friends too. :o)