Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year Everyone

Well I am up first and everyone else is sleeping away, even Madgy is chillin in her bed this morning. We had a quite night in watched a film and kids played with the pop corn machine!! I feel asleep before the new year after drinking too much fizzy wine!! Typical hey!!!

Its a really lovely morning and sun is streaming in the window by my desk, gives me a good feeling about the New Year, hope we all have a great one and nothing too nasty happens this year, I always feel a bit scared at what might be ahead!! I know thats the wrong way to look at things so will try and be postive and look on the bright side more.

above is the sunshine, gosh my windows need cleaning!!! lol

I have really been enjoying the time off work and making as many beads as I can, even found the time to do some etching, which I have not really tried before, was not sure about etching before but now quite like it.

My girls are off to London today with their Dad to see Lion King, so hubby and me are gonna chill and enjoy a bit of peace.

Happy new year to you all


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