Thursday, 7 January 2010

Just sooo cold!!!!!!!!!

I am so cold have had to come the office today and all the pipes are frozen and there is no water!!!! , just had another little sprinkle of snow above is a piccy outside my office.

Little Scatty and Tatty have gone missing, which is such a shame I have left food down for them and the heater on but now not seen them for two days!! I really hope they come back as I love them.

I got a fantastic delivery of handmade murini from Jo at Kitzbitzglass and cannot wait to get home from work to get making, they are fantastic, so if you read this Jo thank you and little spot loved the packaging too!! Here he is!! my cute baby just loves boxes!!

I have been making loads of beads for a giveaway I am doing on bead buddies but have managed some others too

Hope you all keeping warm and happy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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