Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tiara crazy!!

Well I have been going Tiara mad since my last blog!! totally addicted to making them and even my hubby has told me to off!! I have run out of tiara bases so waiting now for more to come!!! lol

I spent most of the weekend catching up in my shed and working hard to get my website back up and running. If you get time have a look, its has a total new look and I am now in the process of making new beads to fill it back up!! Just click on the flower bead below for the link (which is one of my new focal beads)

I am feeling in a really positive good mood this week, girls are being good and hubby seems pretty happy and I just cannot get enough time in my shed, really concentrating on trying to make the best I can especially with flower beads and murrini.

heres a few more pics of some of my new beads

Its my daughters 19th birthday this weekend, can't believe she is 19 years old blimey where does the time go!!! she is going to be celebrating away from home this year!! gonna be strange not being part of it, but heres to a fabulous weekend by big girl and I love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

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