Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I Am In A Good Mood!!

Hey there, well I am really in a good mood this week, lots of nice things have been happening over the last week!!

Firstly we picked up our new car and I totally love it, I have never had a brand new car before and feel very lucky, even if I do feel that everyone on the road wants to hit it and I am driving super careful!! We have a really narrow drive to park down (190 cm wide and the car is 170cm) so I have been hanging towels on the wing mirrors and getting my daughter to walk in front of the car to guide me down!! My old car had serious scrathes but it never mattered!! Anyway I managed to master the art of cruise control and picked my daughter up from uni on Sunday so now have both my girls off for the summer and I have no idea how to motivate them to get some work!!

On Saturday I had a lovely shopping day with my youngest daughter who has just finished all her exams, she helped me choose a dress to wear to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen!! and of course I treated her to a new dress too.

Bead wise I have not had an awful lot of time I did manage to make these pretty flower beads

and played around making hair combs

And a new bracelet

So next on my list is to empty my kiln, it still has the beadies I made yesterday in it and then hopefully have some more lovely beadies to make with. I have yet another tiara idea and hopefully some beads that match my new dress.

Hope you all enjoying the Sun today xxx


  1. Ooh I spy purple and clear sparklies :o) glad you could make use of them! Those flower beads are so pretty.


  2. Hehehe...we had a brand new car for the first time about 18 months ago, its hubby's car so I don't drive it very often as the dogs aren't allowed in it!! But that new car smell...ummmmmmmmmm...can't beat it!