Monday, 27 June 2011

So now its Hot hot hot!!!

Goes from like being the middle of April all wet and windy to a complete sorcher!!!! Yay I love the sun, even if it is a very hot sticky heat!!!! I have been trying to walk to work to continue my effort to loose a bit of weight and stay healthy!! Today's walk was lovely but Madgy got rather tired as we neared the farm!!! Bless her I think she wanted to jump in the Dyke but I stopped her cause the water is really dirty!!! My office is in those building behind her!!!!

So I am trying to think what I have been up to over the last week, I feel like I have been really busy but actually don't know what with!! I am still rather addicted to Tiara's here is my lastest one!

And in my quest to make more Tiara's and thinking of heading in the fascinating fascinator/hat direction too after sprucing up a hat my sis lent me for a big day I have in London this week!! tee hee I have become rather flower obsessed and made these amongst a few more too!!

I did manage a trip to hobby craft yesterday and acutally got really excited over all the feathers and bits and bods that they had, made my mind awash with lots of new ideas!! so when I calmed down I bought a few bits without going too mad!!

So this week is a busy one, two main events to look forward to a trip to London and at the end of the week a girly summer ball!!! yay will let you know how it all goes, hope you all have a good week xxxx

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