Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you all, I have been keeping myself pretty busy making lots of beads over the last week or so.


I bought some new Double Helix glass and I am really enjoying trying out different combinations to see what colour mixes I can come up with!!
 I have had quite a bit more shed time over the last week with Jason having to work in London and the girls all busy making the most of there last few days before they all return to College/School/Uni.  I love it when they all busy and out my hair!!!!  he he   On Sunday we were mean't to be going to a duck race but it got rained off!!  lol  (this is were they put hunderds of yellow ducks in the river, they are all numbered and if yours gets to the finishing line first you win!!) its normally quite a fun day but not in the pouring rain even if they ducks did not mind!!.  So we had Sunday dinner with my Mum instead and drank wine!!!!

Mum asked me to make some new necklaces for her neighbours so I made these
I plan on trying to make some more over the next few weeks as Jason's Mum likes to take them to sell to her friends near Christmas and I have hardly any made!!

I am really looking forward to the weekend its my freinds son's first birthday and she is having a party for him, he is sooo gorgeous and I miss seeing him grow up as we live so far apart!!

My ebay is also getting nicely stocked as I try to add new beads most days here is the link

hope you all having a good week and its not too windy and rainy!! 

Helen xxxx

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